Export of products, development of industrial projects, services implementation, tender procurement, selection of partners, technology transfer, vendor selection, ... These are some of the activities, since its inception, Abegglen & Crawford has helped develop its clients in the markets in which it operates. These are just some of the organizations that have relied on our firm to initiate or consolidate its activities in these markets.



One of the most famous international fashion brands. As each time it expanded its borders, chose experts who knew the local market cross which was intended to establish.


The major department stores in Spain and fourth in the world. An institution in the world of distribution in Spain which some years ago organized the first exhibition of South Africa in Spain.



The largest ocean cargo company in the world and one of the major international cruise companies. Its maritime routes around Africa continue growing year after year, now currently develops new anchoring points in Mozambique.


Technology and innovation for trading business. Onpointx is one of the most innovative firms brockerage and brokerage on Wall Street. For the Firm, Southern Africa is one of its new target markets.


The Employers Organization of Goods manufacturers. One of the most representative Spanish business organizations that brings together the top 400 companies in Spain. Always attentive to new opportunities, developing new opportunities for its member companies throughout South Africa



One of the Spanish water treatment companies with more potential than is already present South African market, offering solutions to various authorities.



Part of one of the largest industrial groups in Galicia, is one of Spain's leading manufacturer of laminate flooring and boards. Present throughout Europe, now prospecting new markets in Africa and Americas.



One of the young Swiss banks most internationally. 25 years growing worldwide about the experience of their managers now seek to position themselves in emerging markets.


The main Galician business organization in the metal industry has 800 member companies and accounts for 90% of employment, turnover and investment in the fields of shipbuilding and repair, automotive, aerospace and metal constructions. South America and South Africa are two of the new markets to look for opportunities for its companies.


With a wide range of user friendly products and customized services, HARTMANN provides nursing and health professionals comprehensive and innovative solutions. His position in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and America consolidate each year.


The Economic Development Agency of Castilla y León. Among its main objectives facilitate business cooperation of the Autonomous Community to foreign markets and enhance their development through the growth of its international dimension. Your participation in multilateral projects is one of the new challenges.


The Development Agency Galicia has among its main objectives to promote the creation of new businesses, promote productivity improvement and competitiveness of existing businesses, attract foreign investment and facilitate the internationalization of the Galician companies. India and South Africa are two of its new target markets.


150 years serving private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide, makes USB one of top leadings Swiss financial institutions in the world. With 61,000 employees worldwide and offices in more than 50 countries, is undergoing expansion of its franchise in Africa and Asia.


French multinational with presence in 36 countries, is a world leader in ophthalmic lenses and optical equipment. It has production facilities in different countries and is currently undergoing a process of consolidation in sub-Saharan Africa.