Institutional Development


An appropriate institutional development is one of the pillars on which is based the democratic system, not only because ensure its systemic consolidation by developing superstructure to guarantee their permanence in time, but above all, because the development of an efficient administrative architecture ensures an adequate capacity to provide good services to citizens, the ultimate reason for the existence of the modern state.


The design, adaptation, development, management…, of an appropriate organizational structure, reflecting the existing in developed countries, is one of the great challenges of many emerging countries. A purpose for which they required the collaboration of experts and organizations from third countries and the achievement of which depends their own transition to the modern state. At same time, it is necessary to implement concepts and strategies, common in most developed countries that will boost emerging countries qualitatively and will align them “conceptually” with more developed countries.


Abegglen & Crawford participates in different international consortia that promote development cooperation projects in emerging countries and collaborates with various national and international agencies in the design, development and implementation of institutional development programs.


In Institutional Development converge depth knowledge of the countries in which the Firm operates, the expertise of its local professional and the global view of its international teams, to design institutional development projects that contribute to the effective real improvement in the quality of life in countries in which we operate.