Sensible Governance ©

" ( ... ) The world needs a new economy, a new paradigm. The current based on GDP is not enough. We must begin to look at things differently. That Development also means Happiness " - Dasho Karma


From Abegglen & Crawford alienate us with all those who think that the purpose of the states must go beyond economic wealth, that the pursuit of happiness of the citizens should be the main goal of its government action. We believe that governments must take on new forms of governance that provide for economic growth not as an end in itself, but as an element of contribution to a higher end, the happiness of the governed.


In a continuing effort to meet the growing demand of the society in this regard, the governments of the world have gradually adding to its management elements that have contributed to the evolution of its government action to not exclusively economical paradigms .


The incorporation of intangible assets such as ethical, accountability, participation and transparency, represent partial answers to global demand towards new forms of governance that do not consider economic growth as the ultimate objective of government action.


From Abegglen & Crawford we share the belief that we need a new governance model that provides a comprehensive response based on a new paradigm that not only pursue, as the current, the economic growth, that, reflected in GDP, shows not already sufficiently the level of welfare of countries and their citizens.


Abegglen & Crawford has been selected by the International Institute for Sensible Governance as consulting partner for implementing internationally its Strategic Program for Sensible Governance© with which is intended to facilitate the gradual incorporation of the concept Sensible Governance in public and private organizations.


Abegglen & Crawford offers the possibility to implement in your organization the Strategic Program for Sensible Governance© of International Institute for Sensible Governance and incorporate it into one of the latest trends in management and governance.