Global Development Consultancy

dreaming about a different world ...


No doubt emerging markets represent for companies wishing to internationalize their business one of the biggest opportunities in the entire global economy. These markets have specific characteristics and difficulties for those companies but at the same time are the economic areas that can best contribute to its corporate growth with sustained annual growth rates above 3.5%.


However, the participation of foreign companies in those markets cannot and should not only lead to the benefit of the corporations themselves. The wealth acquired by the companies in those markets must also contribute to the development of the environment in which these organizations operate. Those companies must act redistributing the wealth they get from those markets, ensuring the real sustainability of those societies and, consequently, of its own market.


In Abegglen & Crawford believe that economic development depends on the ability to reach a true symbiosis between public and private sectors that allows growth of both parties based on an osmotic relationship. Providing the public sector safe opportunities for private initiative development and incorporating the private sector, in return, the economic, technological and social development of its environment to its strategic objectives.


Therefore, from Abegglen & Crawford want to help companies and public institutions to conceive, design and implement strategic plans to incorporate global development goals, helping to improve the lives of living beings in emerging markets in which we operate, helping them to achieve that goal in the current environment of systemic change, an environment in which, as has just recognized the OECD, "Money cannot buy happiness and GDP is already insufficient when it comes to measuring the welfare of citizens". In Abegglen & Crawford believe now is the time to start incorporating the happiness of customers and citizens to the company's and institutions’ strategic objectives, the time to start doing things differently ... and the GNH must also be taken in mind.