Institutional Liaison


Developing business projects in new markets require identify those actors that define, drive and decide the development of one or another sector. In most emerging markets, where private sector development has not yet reached levels comparable to that in developed countries, it is the public sector which is responsible for promoting, almost exclusively, the economic, technological and social development in these countries.


In those circumstances, an adequate and effective level of dialogue with technical and political levels of the various authorities will, on the one hand, a correct understanding of the development plans and their characteristics, thereby acquiring an accurate view of the real opportunities business and the ability to adapt the own supply of goods and services to the market demand; on the other hand, permanent access to the decision levels that will raise the level of relationship and increase the capacity of exhibition and promotion of corporate interests…


Abegglen & Crawford makes available to its clients its expertise in the markets where the Firm operates to help them to identify the best local partners, to design the II.RR plan that will ensure permanent access to those technical and political levels and to represent their interests in those institutional settings of interest for the development of their projects in those emerging markets.