International Liaison

Relate, deepen, consolidate ...


If the proper choice of the partners is always one of the greatest difficulties when a company approaches a new market, this difficulty is accentuated when it comes to emerging markets. Whatever the activity you want to develop in these markets, the export of goods, the development of an industrial project or the establishment of a service company, in most cases will be convenient to have a strong local partner, to know the organization of the main government departments or to establish links with key sector representatives.


Aware of this reality, Abegglen & Crawford has struggled since its foundation in knowing in depth, through its national associated and partners, the reality of business and institutional network in the markets where the Firm operates, while establishing closer relationships with key partners in both areas. Much of the resources and experience of the Firm, in the areas where it operates, are directed to work more closely and effectively with those actors, public and private, which can best collaborate with our clients in their introduction and positioning in the markets they wish enter.