Abegglen and Crawford is a global strategic consulting firm specialized in advising and development of corporate and institutional projects in emerging markets, development of corporate restructuring and strategic planning programs and design and implementation of global development programs.

Knowing the reality of many companies and institutions, lacking, in many cases, an adequate organizational design and a minimum strategic planning, Abegglen and Crawford, has designed its own model of Corporate Structuring and Strategic Planning to help them become integrated organizations and structured with adequate development plans that allow them to achieve their objectives.

Aware of the need to identify and promote new markets with high development potential that offer opportunities to companies and institutions, Abegglen and Crawford has designed a set of services that allow accompanying each client throughout the process of analysis, prospection, introduction and positioning in the new markets.

Committed to the development of the regions in which it operates and convinced that one more sensible global development is possible, Abegglen and Crawford designs and implements global development programs based on the economic rebalancing of relations between consolidated and emerging regions, an adequate development institutional and the implementation of new governance models.